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Scanner Review

Scanner Review
I was asked to use a scanner for a few weeks and give my impression.

Scanners have made some serious improvements! Here is my review (review is in Japanese)

Kodak ScanMate i940Mは、クラウド連携でビジネスでもプライベートでも大活躍

Kodak ScanMate i940Mは、クラウド連携でビジネスでもプライベートでも大活躍

Roger Francis Clarke 氏プロフィール

Roppongi Hills "Kangaeyo (Think)" Project

I feel a need for people to start thinking, they don't actually have to solve the problems right now but just start thinking.  
So I was very happy when asked to be involved in the Roppongi Hills“Kangaeyo (Think)”Project.  
The project believes that
"When encountering a question posed by someone in an unexpected situation, the human intellect is inspired, and there is a sensation that can only be described as the brain booting up.  
Unforeseen encounters can shake up preconceptions, stretch the imagination and cause you to contemplate. With the aim of creating such unexpected “opportunities to think”, Roppongi Hills is launching the“Kangaeyo (Think)” Project."

They have asked select people that they have worked with in the past to submit 3 questions to be posted in various places at Roppongi Hills for the general public to see and be inspired by.

 Period: October 7 (Monday)~ October 25 (Friday), 2013 
* Except where otherwise indicated.
Display Locations & Media:
• • • •
Special website ( 
ELLE café/In-café Booklet for reading in the café 
Academyhills/49F (only 10/16 WED~10/18 FRI) 
66 Plaza/Floor surface sheet

I submitted these questions;


1.  What if you did ? 

2.  How can you help? 

3.  When? 

Notice that I didn't say what if you didn't, but instead what if you DID.  This question is meant to give birth to many other questions like would I be happier?, would things be better?, would the quality of my life improve? etc, etc.  There are many other interesting people with interesting questions involved in this project so check it out if you are in the neighborhood and enjoy an opportunity to start thinking

“Kangaeyo (Think)” Project.

人々がふとした時に感じる不思議や疑問。思いもかけないシチュエーションで、誰か の「質問」に出会う時、人々の知性がインスパイアされ、脳が起動し出すような感覚が 生まれるのではないかと思います。既成の考えを少し揺さぶり、想像し、考える。そん なふとした“考えるきっかけ”となることを目指し、六本木ヒルズは「考えよう。」プロ ジェクトを始動します。
本プロジェクトに際しまして、人々の意識を覚醒させるような素敵な質問を、たくさん 集めたいと考えています。これまで六本木ヒルズに関わっていただいた方々、これか らの六本木ヒルズをともに作っていってほしい方々にもぜひこのプロジェクトに参加 していただきたく考えておりますので、


Birthday Week Oct. 1st to Oct 7th

Why Birthday Week ?

Birthday week started about 7 years ago with my desire to make life a little smoother/improve the quality of life. Times have changed along with the way we do so many things, and if we don't make adjustments our quality of life suffers.

(If you don't make an effort to be in control of your time, you will always be out of control.)

Nowadays unconventional schedules and lifestyles that lack sufficient rest are commonplace. It has become far to easy to miss someones birthday, and when people do miss the day they tend to not say or do anything because they don' t want to look like they forgot. Well guess what now there is 6 EXTRA DAYS ! Hurray !!
If your a little late your still, ON TIME! Wonderful!!

… and that's not all

(Your birthday is not just a number)

There is a lot more than more days to give and receive greetings, a more important aspect, the celebration of you by you! Yes you are here in this realm alive and loved by friends and family that are also here. Be good to yourself. 7 days of private and public celebration.

One of the things I make sure to do every Birthday Week is call my parents during which time I ask about my childhood and have a quality "real talk" with them. Since my parents are split up I have to make two calls but this actually makes for a better, more focused, higher quality conversation. Every year that conversation turns out to be really, really nice !! a definite highlight of birthday week.

Another highlight is the Fabulous Conversations with other family members and really close friends, I always hang up the phone feeling energized and just fantastic !

Personally, I always like to get some fresh gear and eat some GOOD food and I usually don't have to try hard, it just seems to happen. Try something new, challenge yourself, make the 7 days as special as you can. You don't have to be extravagant or stress yourself out (unless you want to), you could do something simple like meditating for a certain amount of time each day for the 7 days or anything that you enjoy !

Make it special.

This is just one way that I have adjusted my life to fit the times, Birthday Week !!
(highly recommended)

STAG exhibition

Stag watch Exhibition
Many of you know that for this brand I was responsible for
the brand concept, brand name, brand logo, and some
design direction. This season I was asked to design a new
model. I call it PHILOSOPHER365 "time to think", in three
different colors Yellow, Blue and Lavender.
Anyone is welcome to stop buy, oh! I mean "by" LOL

IMG_6014 - Version 3 copy_500

IMG_6009 - Version 3 copy_500

IMG_6011 - Version 3 copy_500

latest creation PHILOSOPHER365

Just arrived from the factory, in time for the new year!
new watch model PHILOSOPHER365
Celebrating the spirit of the Philosopher.

Available in 3 attractive watch hand colors, yellow, purple, and blue.

PHILOSOPHER365 (yellow) ¥32,000

The concept in creating this watch was that the philosopher brings color to
a grey world, so I made the base charcoal and added color to the watch hands
the hands that lead us in telling the time.

time to think.

+  Roger


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